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Sea Buckthorn Provides Nutrients Not Found In Other Natural Health Products

If you are looking for natural nutritional supplement s, you will definitely want to discover a nutrient rich fruit available, which

English: Sea-buckthorn foliage & berries

English: Sea-buckthorn foliage & berries (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

is called sea buckthorn. Sea buckthorn contains over 195 nutrients as well as other active ingredients, providing extraordinary number of lipids, minerals, vitamins and more. This extraordinary fruit is so nourishing, there has actually been speculation that sea buckthorn has been cultivated throughout history. Sea buckthorn is rapidly increasing in popularity, because of its association as a super fruit, as well as its innate abilities to provide balanced nutrients, boost immunity and to help maintain overall good health. Sea buckthorn has also been shown to promote tissue regeneration as well as provide natural anti-inflammatory actions within your hair, skin and mucous membranes.

Because sea buckthorn has so many essential oils, vitamins and flavonoids, it has increased in popularity. The only plant source known that currently contains Omega 3, 6, 7 and 9 fatty acids, beta-carotene’s, phytostearols, vitamins B, C and E, as well as many other nutrients, sea buckthorn is a very exciting natural health product. Legend even states that an ancient Greek army discovered that their enemy horses were eating sea buckthorn, and were much stronger and more radiant than their own. Sea buckthorn has the ability to survive in the most brutal of climates, as it flourishes in hot deserts and snowy mountains. It has been used in traditional Tibetan Mongolian medicine for many centuries, and has been most commonly used for the promotion of blood circulation, digestion, pain relief and cough relief. As this is an exciting and totally natural health product, this beneficial super fruit is a must have addition to any diet.

The human body does not naturally produce Omega 7 fatty acids, and are very rarely found in the plant kingdom. However, Omega 7 fatty acids are a vital factor in skin production. This natural health product provides its own antioxidant oils, which combines with natural vitamins, tocopherols, cartenoids and other Omega fatty acids, to rejuvenate the body naturally. Known for its anti-aging properties, sea buckthorn is also an extremely powerful and natural healing promotion within the body, as well as provides wrinkle reduction. When you use sea buckthorn topically, as in a moisturizer or herbal lotion, with this addition and some bio flavonoids, you will be able to take advantage of the full, natural healing properties of this plant for your skin. You can also take sea buckthorn in a powder form, pill form or other, giving you the ultimate opportunity to take advantage of the extensive health benefits available from sea buckthorn. Sea Buckthorn seed oil is rich in many bio flavonoids, and it is listed in pharmacopoeia in some Asian and European countries as a medicine for cardiovascular diseases.

Finding a website that provides the buckthorn and other natural health products is extremely easy, and the best websites that provide sea buckthorn products, will have manually harvested berries, instead of harming them through a devastating, alternate method. What this does, this prevents harm to the plants themselves, as well as ensure that the nutritional value of the berries is kept intact. In addition, they will also be free from any pollutants or pesticides, providing you the most complete and safe natural health products for you and your loved ones.

Discover sea buckthorn, an innovative natural nutritional supplement that is ideal to ensure natural well being.

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