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Blessed Seed: The Many Benefits Of Black Seed And Black Seed Oil

Black seed oil is a cold-pressed vegetable oil that has been derived from the black seeds of the flowering Nigella sativa seeds. The plant goes by many

Nigella sativa seed

Nigella sativa seed (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

other names as well, such as fennel flower, nutmeg flower, Roman coriander and onion seed. In the United States, it is known as charnuska, a term derived from the Russian language. To muddy the waters even further, both the seeds of the plant are the derived oil are sometimes known as black cumin or black caraway. Whatever the name, however, black seed is a very powerful botanical remedy for a variety of ailments.

What does black seeds look like?

The black seed plant is an annually flowering plant featuring stiff, thin branching stems, lacy grey-green leaves and beautiful white-blue flowers. When the flowers die, they are followed by a fruit capsule that produces small triangle-shaped seeds that turn the characteristic black when they come into contact with the air.

Black seed doesn’t have much of an odor when they are in their whole state, but when they are ground or chewed they can give off a taste and smell that is reminiscent of oregano. Throughout history, black seed has been used to flavor food and today the seed is cultivated in many countries in the Mediterranean region as well as in northern regions of Africa, India and elsewhere. The seeds are popular in the cuisines of these regions and the oil that is extracted from them is used as well.

The history of black seed

Black seed has been used for more than 3,000 years, both in culinary applications and as a remedy for many medical conditions. They have been found in the tomb of King Tut and have been rumored to have been among the beauty secrets of the famous beauty Cleopatra. Lauded by medical professionals throughout history, black seed has been used in the treatment of digestive disorders, headaches, sinus and nasal conditions, toothaches and even in the treatment of lagging sexual desire. So respected has black seed been in the medical community for treating disorders that it has earned the nickname “blessed seed.”

Black seed oil is rich in its benefits but it is light and silky on the skin. It does not feel greasy or heavy at all and it does not stay wet on the skin like other oils can. It is easily absorbed into the skin, even on the skin of the face. Because of that, it is a very effective moisturizer. Black seed oil is rich in many essential fatty acids. Because of that, it is a very effective treatment for a variety of skin conditions like eczema, dermatitis and other conditions relating to the skin. Even in those with healthy skin black seed oil can be beneficial because it can improve the overall look and feel of the skin. Unlike other oils used to moisturize the skin, black seed emits a lovely aromatic smell that makes it very useful as an aromatherapy treatment.

Black seed is also effective as a pain reliever. It has been shown to be an effective way to treat muscular aches and pains, rheumatism, sprains and other kinds of bodily pain. It can be used in therapeutic massage to penetrate deeply into the muscles and joints, alleviating even the most stubborn pains. To make it a little less rich, black seed oil can be mixed with something lighter, such as almond oil.

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